A Number Of Letters


Dozens of writers from six different continents have contributed to this collection of 50 letters; every one has been written to a different recipient with a different message. Some are goodbyes to friends and family, others are thank you notes for acts of kindness. Some give hopeful advice for the future, others provide cautionary tales. Inside these pages are stories of love, hate, doubt, and happiness. Everyone has a letter they want to write; each one deserves to be written and each deserves to be read.

Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 in / 220 pages. Published by Finding Bohemia. Printed and bound in USA.


1.    The Only Love Letter I'll Ever Write
2.    A Letter To Me At 27
3.    Dear Dad
4.    Death Letter
5.    To The One Who Wants To Come Back In My Life After Breaking My Heart
6.    An Open Letter To Anybody That Feels Like They're Falling Behind Everybody Else In Life
7.    To The Inspiring Couples Who Have Been Happily Married For Years
8.    To The Strong One
9.    To The Ghost That's Haunting My Bedroom
10.    For When You're Unsure Whether To Take It Or Leave It
11.    A Letter To My Students In China
12.    A Letter To My Seventeen-Year-Old Self
13.    A Letter To Twenty-Somethings
14.    To The Heartbreaker I Can't Seem To Quit
15.    The World Is Your Home And Not Just One Country
16.    To The Place That I Call Home...
17.    To The One That Made It Rain
18.    To My Oldest Friend And My Greatest Loss
19.    To Gettysburg College
20.    I’m Not Ready To Sleep With One Woman For The Rest Of My Life
21.    Dear My Childhood, The One I Don't Remember
22.    A Letter To You
23.    A Letter To The Mother Who Left This World Too Soon
24.    This Is Goodbye
25.    A Letter To My Brain
26.    Being A Child With A Mental Illness; A Letter
27.    To Anyone Who's Ever Wondered Why They Won’t Let You In
28.    An Open Letter To The One I Can Never Leave
29.    To My Future Child
30.    An Appeal To My Quirky Side
31.    Read This If You Have Ever Been Lost In A Toxic Person
32.    A Goodbye Letter
33.    Mother, I Have To Let You Go
34.    A Letter Of Apology To The Person Who Waited For Me
35.    A Letter To The Person Who Broke Me
36.    To The Girl He Has Chosen To Love Forever
37.    A Letter My Best Friend Never Got To Read
38.    To The Guy I Left In The Friend Zone
39.    A Letter To The Minds Of Generation Z
40.    To My Captor,
41.    To The One Who Made Me Lose, Then Find Myself
42.    I Am Sorry
43.    To The People Who Don’t Give Up
44.    A Letter To The People Who Feel Like Giving Up On Love
45.    A Letter To My Students In Japan
46.    A Love Letter To A Single Mom
47.    An Open Apology To Myself
48.    To The Girls Who Don't Know Their Worth
49.    Sky Full Of Stars
50.    To My Future Love