This Is What I Want To Tell You For Ghosting Me


But no, I don’t want you back.

I miss you and the days and nights we spent talking about anything, planning date nights and walks on the beach after dinner and drinks.

I told you my secrets and you trusted me with your insecurities and fears. We exchanged photos to fill the gaps of our distance. You watched what I watch and that’s how we Netflix and chill. No sex, only the sense of belongingness.

You know most of what I like and hate, and I know what makes you tick. You always wanted to know what I’ve been up to for the day, while I always asked how have you been.

I wake up to your good mornings and go to bed showered with late night emoji kisses. Those were enough because I was here while you’re there. You were my go-to person when my day goes wrong, even on good days. You listened, and that was what I wanted.

Everything was normal. Until it wasn’t.

One morning I woke up with nothing. The day went on, and I still haven’t heard from you. Busy, I guess. And I get it. We all have days when we just needed to shut down for a while. But it went on for days. Until today.

I wanted to ask you what went wrong, but the strong independent woman in me screams no.I wanted to know why. I think I deserve an answer but I wasn’t in the right place to.

I remember you telling me you don’t want to talk when you’re tired. But I think that’s total bull. Then I thought maybe you’re right, maybe you’re just tired. But you got tired of this setup and eventually got bored. You were lonely back there and I wasn’t enough to fill that void. I understand and I feel sorry for you.

For a while I felt special and appreciated. For those weeks, I know I was needed. Until I wasn’t anymore. But thank you for that. Thank you for helping me realize that my strength brought by past heartbreaks are enough to make me complete and that I don’t need someone to help me ease my boredom. I hope you are doing fine and I wish that you’re not bored and lonely right now. And in case you come back, sorry but I don’t know you anymore.

Written By Ashley Cruz

Bio: An INFJ who loves movies and dogs.

Twitter: @AlyssaAshleyC - Instagram: @alyssaashleycruz