To Him.


When I saw you with her, I felt the panic rising
in my chest. I wanted to hide, even though I
knew you couldn't see me. I was always terrified
about running into you, but I'd never imagined I'd
see the two of you together.

I noticed that she looked like me. Was that
a coincidence? Or did you miss the idea of me so
much that you only let yourself find happiness in a heart
outfitted in a similar design?

When I made myself feel better by putting her down,
that wasn't very kind. She's never done anything
to me, but you have. You are the one who didn't
want me. And, now that I've seen you both together,
I've gotten most of the closure I've needed and
never received.

I won't lie; it stings. It doesn't hurt, but a
sensation is there, in pulses. It's something I can feel.
It's a bit upsetting, but everyone's telling me
you did me a favor. Maybe you did.

Regardless, I forgive you. It's been almost one year,
and since we ended whatever we had, I've wanted
to scream until I couldn't speak. I've cried enough
tears to make the ocean jealous. I've wanted
to spew every profanity I've ever learned from my father.
But now, as I soak in the reality of how quickly
and drastically our lives can change, I forgive you.

I forgive you for not wanting me. I forgive
you for not letting me stay long enough
to show you how great we could really be.
I forgive you for being scared, and for
making excuses. I forgive you for wanting
a convenient relationship and not a real one.
Lastly, I forgive you for not caring about me as
much as I cared about you.

I hope you've found happiness with her and I
hope you don't screw this up. Treat her the way
you should have treated me.

All the best,

Written By Brielle Sparacino

Bio: My name is Bree. Writing is in my veins. So are caramel macchiatos.

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