This 2018, Walk Away From The Person Who Never Meant To Stay


It’s a brand new year! As part of your never ending and ever failing New Year’s list of resolution, you tell yourself that you got to get over with your love foolishness and feebleness every single time. You aspire to be the best version of yourself year after year until you crash again into the wall you were just trying to build. Sometimes, you stumble and fall again just as you almost overcome the uphill battle and hurriedly go back to the person who’s never really meant to stay. But is it going to be worth it? Will the chances you’ve been generously giving to someone who have made empty promises finally pay off, and when?

Ladies, the answer is, never look back. Women tend to stroll back down to memory lane and dig up answers to the questions of ifs, buts and whatnots. Desperately trying to patch up the torn image of the other person, they would then proceed to self-blaming, magnifying what they did so wrong in the past just to justify the acts of the lover. This is where you lose yourself to the other person. You thought at first, that it was a simple compromise, until this becomes a bad habit to break.

This may seem cliché but before you dive into a potential relationship, you have to be armed with both self-respect and self-care. You have to look deep within and know yourself and what matters to you. You have to know the things that you can take and the things which are not acceptable with your values. You cannot be a free rider in the relationship, as it must be a two-lane traffic of thoughts and free will which meant to meet in the middle. You cannot nod all the time when he says he’s sorry the nth time around. You cannot give him all the benefit of the doubt while you suffer from all the shattered pieces of your broken heart. You cannot give him everything and deny yourself of any guarantee comes the time that you’ll be left with nothing but a salty tear.

Turn around, take a long stride and walk away from that person who cannot commit to give you the love you so deserve. Commit to yourself instead and be loyal to your heart. Guard it and never put it at stake for a person who wouldn’t take responsibility for getting you so used of hurting at the very least. Never cower the moment you found yourself on a crossroad and let your faith overtake the ride. It will be a long path and you sure will be tempted to take the easier way of just going back. But this too will soon be over like any other sappy old movie you have watched. The broken pieces will gradually come together and this time they will be bonded stronger. Wise up you pretty little thing, you are nothing to be messed up with. It’s 2018, gather up your self-esteem, collect your wits and call it quits.

Written By Abigael Pinto

Bio: An Ambivert & A Fitness Junkie

Facebook: @abigael.pinto - Instagram: @ahbsveepee