Let's Be Honest


How many times when you were a child were you told by your parents, “Honesty is the best policy?” Don’t lie, you were taught better than that.

We are taught at a young age that lying is bad and there are consequences to your actions, yet we lie in everyday life. I, however, prefer to be told the truth straight up. That doesn’t seem to be so easy when it comes to the men I’ve dealt with in my life though.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve looked a man in the eyes and said “Look, just be honest with me from the beginning. No lies, because when I find out, and I will, it’ll be 100 times worse.” Yes, I pretty much use the same speech every time. It’s pretty simple if you ask me.

Despite my efforts, time and time again, men continue to lie. Whether they choose to bend the truth about how they feel on a matter, hide that they are seeing another woman, or whatever other bullshit thing they feel the need to not share; it’s uncalled for.

Here’s the deal fellas; if a woman asks you to be honest with her, just do it. When I tell you it’s cool that you’re seeing other people, it really is. When you lie about the smallest thing and later I learn it was a lie, I will be genuinely pissed solely because you lied, not concerning whatever the matter may be.

Women want honesty in a man, simple as that. I will praise a man who can tell me the truth over a man who feels the need to be shady anyday. I’m an honest person and I say what I feel, no matter how a man will react. Am I putting myself out there too much and embarrassing myself? Maybe, but dammit I will choose to be honest everyday rather than fake who I am and what I want.

Men, stop being so afraid to put yourself out there and be honest about who you are and how you feel. You will gain a hell of a lot more respect from women if you just put everything on the line and show your true colors from the start.

Give honesty a try, please. Just once, see what happens when you tell the truth from the beginning. It could really change how much respect a person has for you and the relationship you have with someone.

Written By Chelsea Blake

Bio: Just a woman in her mid 20s trying to figure out what I want and having a good time doing it.

Twitter: @chelsealblake - Instagram: @chelsealblake