I Found Me


I have mentioned before in my pieces that when you’re born into adversity that you do not know how not to fight. But what I never did mention was the battles that bring you to the edge of your sanity, and make you question everything from your strength; your faith, the current state of your relationship. Everything. And if we were really being real with ourselves you know you all would eventually own up to having those moments more than once.

I have always been the type of person who always saw the glass as half-full. And for the longest time I sought perfection in areas, I could control including that very glass I hold. It was until very recently that I began embracing and accepting the cracks that were appearing faster than I could fix them. While coming to terms just how different some days can be, I will never give in nor will I give up hope in the people, passions, and the life God has given me.

Before I embraced my voice in its entirety, I would get a glimpse of myself in the mirror sometimes and think, “ why couldn’t you have turned out normal”? And once I graduated high school, and was eventually left to navigate how I would fit in and where on my own. I had this strong yearning for wanting to be on the same exact path as my peers. That lasted quite awhile.

Especially, when your road didn’t point to college life like you once anticipated it would.
Instead I “experienced” vocational services, and that was quite the eye-opener. Being a young, very naive, and extremely new to this just simply being on my own in a way I never had been before I had no idea what to expect. There I was 18 years old, In my wheelchair, waiting to get into the real world ready to take whatever opportunity that came my way.

But what I wasn’t prepared for nor did I know before was the waiting game. & years of waiting, the anytime I would get anywhere I’d get a new job coach because of budget cuts. The end result is very little “real world experience” to show for it. Eventually, I did get somewhere.employment-wise, but after four years could not stay because of transportation issues.

Looking back, I don’t everything I had to go through after I graduated high school in 2001 because I am proof that whatever you go through in life, you also grow through it too. And in all honesty, if I wasn't eventually abandoned by the state. I would have never come to the place I am in now, nor would I have become the woman I am now. And the woman I now have really come into her own self. With a voice that has fully matured and gown into my abilities to share my personal experience and knowledge with people like I am able to know with my advice work that I do through my blog, The Abler.

I truly believe that your voice is what the world needs to hear. Your voice carries a message that needs more than to be simply recognized but heard and not ignored or dismissed. When my sister was diagnosed with a serious Neurological disorder called, Cluster Headaches. I took it upon myself to make that belief and turn it into something bigger, a movement so to speak.

I also believe that everyone has an important story to tell, but not ever has a safe place to share it. So that’s why I also created a Facebook Group For the blog called, The Official Facebook Group For The Abler Blog. If it wasn't for my struggles, I would never be where I am to today. I am a woman with a message who just happens to have Cerebral Palsy, who uses her struggles and triumphs to spread knowledge, with hopes of empowering and leading others to share their story with the world.

I am a woman with a voice, and a passion to help others find their voice and keep it.

Written By Jessica Niziolek

Bio: I am Writer, Poet, and advocate

Facebook: @msjnizauthorpoetadvocate - Website: seetheabled.blogspot.com