How To Love A Pisces Woman (Even If You're Not Into That Kind Of Thing)


The Pisces zodiac sign is the oldest in the zodiac, making them 'old souls'. Nothing can be more accurate when it comes to a Pisces woman. They are known to be shy and sensitive, lost in their own world. If you need help in getting into the heart of your Pisces woman, here are 5 ways that might help you win her over.

1. Don't Embarrass Her

This woman is sensitive. If you say something about her in front of a group of friends that she finds embarrassing, even as a joke, she will be hurt and won't find it funny. She might even hold a bit of a grudge. Take her sensitivity into account before opening your mouth.

2. Don't Put Her On The Spot In Public

Pisces women are notoriously shy. If you put her on the spot for, example, a speech, she will stumble over her friends and her face will burn bright red. She will hate every moment of it and resent you for it later.

3. Love Her Endlessly

A Pisces woman need to be loved and they need to know that they are loved. If you are not the type to be overly affectionate, maybe a Pisces woman isn't for you. She may get insecure at times, and needs all the proof she can get that you are all about her.

4. Don't Overthink Her Silence

Pisces women are often lost in their own thoughts and spend many hours of the day daydreaming. If you notice that she is off in her own world - leave her be. She is happy and comfortable with her own thoughts. Pisces women also like to be alone and need some time to themselves every now and again. If she's been stuck in the bedroom all day, don't worry. She's probably as happy as can be with her book.

5. Support Her

This does not only apply to a Pisces woman. Every woman needs and craves support from her significant other. Support her in her work and in her passions and she will return the favor twice as hard.

A Pisces woman is loving,caring and artsy. She loves with all she has and will give you her all. If you are lucky enough to have one, make sure you keep her for as long as you can.

Written By Bee Derrico