2018 Is The Year Where You Will Rise


This is the year where you will rise
2018 will be the year that you will stand tall
You will try to make this year where you will learn at least be better than before
It is not the year where you can force yourself to be someone you do not want to be
No, this is the year for you to realize that you can take control of your life
You are the captain of your ship, always have, and always will
It will be the year where you will try to learn to love yourself and other people more than before
It is the year where you will put your health first above all
No, close your ears to the naysayers who said that prioritizing health is selfish
You might think, “Isn’t it just the 2017 trend? Would it not fade away in 2018?”
Well, whether it fades away or even if it stays the same, I believe you do not need to worry about it
If it stays, let it stays
If it fades, let it fade away
Let us look at it in a way that it existed for a good reason
You just need to carry that reason with you, within you

It will be the year of self-improvement in a lot of areas
It is the year where you will not only exist, but you will live
Live fully
Live wholeheartedly
Live for the fact that you are still in this world for a purpose, a good one
Honor yourself by loving yourself the ways you have always need to be loved
If you cannot find that love in someone else, it does not matter
Find that love within you
You are the one person you should be in love with every second of every day
When I mention love, I do not mean it in a way that a narcissist loves him or herself
No, hold yourself responsible when you make mistakes
Hold yourself responsible when you hurt someone
Hold yourself responsible for you to always be able to listen to you speak
Of course, none of us is perfect
We do make mistakes from time to time
We are more than capable to think, say, and do horrible things to one another
Yes, other people can be toxic to us
But remember, we can also be that toxic person for other people

Let us try to be more aware this year of our behaviours, thoughts, and words that we speak
I hope you will be more compassionate towards others
No, compassionate is not the same thing as dismissing your pain or the pain that a toxic person has caused
Compassionate also means that you need to take the tough road to preserve justice and to help that person becomes better
Hold them accountable, on the basis of love and care, not self-righteousness

The world does not need more entitled people who only care about themselves
Stop asking about what we expect to deserve, but contribute more to the world
Give more and remember that although you may have the money to buy materials, the world ultimately does not belong to us
The world is here for us to take care of it

Greed for power and money has taken it’s toll on the planet
Learn to be enough, to know that you do not have to purchase everything that you do not need
Why are we so focused on impressing the people we do not even like?
Why do we always listen to what other people say?
In the end, your life, well all of our lives are about to do what we are born to do
We need to find our purpose and stick to it

Life is to be lived authentically, not in fear of what other people think
Following your dreams are never easy and yes there will be bumps along the way

A lot of people who try to bring us down by saying mean things or even doing mean actions towards us are people who often feel defeated in life
They feel like a loser and they need someone to project their insecurities too
Unfortunately, we will often be the target of their fears and feeling of hopelessness
Little do they know that everyone is actually struggling inside
All of us do have problems, just different sets of them

May we never have to be that person who feels sorry for ourselves
May we be warriors who will keep on fighting when life gets rough and when life does not happen the way we want them to be
May we cling to hope that tomorrow can be a better day
May we be happy as we are and at the moment
With no restrictions, no judgments, no nothing, just simply be

Happiness is never about having more things or comparing your achievements with your external surroundings
It is about being grateful for whatever life throws at you
If life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it
Never feel sorry for yourself, never feel that life owes you anything
You have to make your own life
You are the one who is responsible for making your dreams come true
Do find help along the way
Do share your happiness with those around you
Help people to be happy too, inspire them

Inspire them to get up every time they fall
Inspire them to have hope again, to be content
I know it is hard, believe me, I have been there and done, I have been where you are right now
Tired? Yes, you will be
Disappointed? Yes, oh been there and done that
Yet, I know that I am not giving up because someone else is insecure
I am not giving up on myself too because of my insecurities
I want and will accept them
I understand that I am not perfect either but I can work on myself

I hope that you do too.

You are worth it. You are enough.

And as always, be your own kind of beautiful darling.

The world is waiting for you to let your spark out. To join the adventure of a lifetime.

Are you ready for it?

Written By Bernike Effendi

Bio: INFP. Idealist - realist. Loves good times, good people, and good food. Has an insatiable wanderlust to travel the world and to learn more and more each day.