To The Guy I Would've Ended Up With If I Hadn't Found The One


I guess a thank you is what I owe you.

A thank you for opening me up, for helping me trust again, for making me laugh in a genuine way. For being so nice about the fact that we could go out again and again and not even kiss on those first dates, but insisting on wanting to see me again. For building up my confidence that I may actually be worth the trying and the bother. For making me feel comfortable in my own skin around what seemed to be a friend, but not really, because friends don't eventually end up in bed together (it is said).

I guess that in this process you were – without knowing so - buttering me up for meeting someone, The One.

This other person found me confident, strong, loose, genuine, funny, smart. A list of things that never described me before, so you can imagine my surprise when he told me that he fell for this girl.

We wouldn’t be together today if it weren't for your gentle touch and patience on this soul, so from the very bottom of this melted heart I really believe I owe you a thank you.

Written By Belen Zubillaga - @belenzubi