Invisible Line


Someone told her to step outside the line

An invisible line between her and a different life.

Someone told her, to go where her heart takes her

A road less traveled, a road where she has nothing to fear.

But the invisible line scares a hell out of her.

She believes staying inside is staying alive.

Why not? An invisible line full of uncertainty is a line of losing.

Despite, inside the line is choking, choking the life she thought she can live.

I told her, “go beyond, go beyond the line

Step outside and live your life.”

I told her, “stop the doubt,

the only way not to choke is to let go of what’s behind.”

Written By Julienne Ramos

Bio: An introvert trying to go out in the wild through words and arts.

Instagram: @willowonders - Twitter: @yienxa25 - Facebook: @yienxa25 - Website: