Goodbye was only made to be said when we are ready, and I’m not ready to sing my last words for you.

There’s still too much for us to live, still a long way to walk on together. Why haven’t you fought for me the way o fought for you?

All this time living in agony and fear of losing the one I now know was never mine. So many words blew away when the autumn came and all the flowers of spring withered among our broken hearts.

This is my last song for you, but my voice will echo in your heart forever. If I could turn back I would do things differently, but now it’s too late and you’re not aware of how much I will miss you.

You are the light in my deepest darkness; your smile is the fuel of my soul. I never thought this day would come, I don’t want to say goodbye. Just ask me to stay one more night while I’m begging you to stay one more life.

We were one, now we are broken pieces of glass on the ground and our blood will run dry here until the morning sun.

When October comes and the leaves dry and fall from the trees again, you’ll hear my voice calling your name, but I won’t be there anymore, I’ll be just a fading memory of what we were and of what we could have been.

Just know that I miss you and I’ll never say goodbye in my heart, as my heart is shaped of you and thus forever will be.

Written By Caroline Misokane

Bio: Photographer, writer, student, worker, Japan lover, introvert and powered by nature.

Instagram: @carolmisokane - Facebook: @caroline.misokane