This Is How You Destroy Someone When You Cheat


Before you came, she knew well-enough what independence is. She enjoys it. She breathes it in. She lives with it. When you came and fell for you, she fell hard. She enjoyed life with you and breathed the same air with you. You lived in her heart every bit of the day.

You were a part of her.

Until you weren’t anymore. Because you lied and cheated on her.

And that destroyed every bit of her heart and soul.

You destroyed her sanity with each excuse you make. You know the feeling when you couldn’t sleep because you’re madly inlove and can’t get her off of your mind? That’s the same feeling, only worse. She had sleepless nights trying to figure out the time she lost her peace of mind. Instead of counting sheep, she counted all the lies. She slept with one eye opened.

You destroyed her confidence because she thought she needed to compete. She thought she was never good enough because you had to let another one in. She needed to overcompensate for her insecurities. She needed to become more of this and not less of that. She thought she needed to up the ante.

You destroyed her idea of respect because she thought she had to meet you halfway. In order to satisfy your needs, she had to compromise. She chose to adjust. She needed to adapt to your growing need for affection and attention because she thought she’s not giving enough. She respected that because she felt it was good for the relationship, that it would save it. She thought you deserved it.

You destroyed her trust because she believed in you. She put all her confidence in you even when it meant defending you from people who tried to break you. She even had to fight her own mind and tell herself that you’re still the same guy she fell hard for. She was in denial because she had faith in you.

Until there was none because you chose to cheat your way out of the relationship. It was the easy way out and away from her. You thought you saw a silver lining out of a relationship that got you stuck for days, months and years. You thought it was right, for you and for her. You didn’t see how destructive it would be sooner or later.

Now, the tables have turned. You may have drained out the sanity out of her, but she now knows how to gain it back. You may have injured her self-esteem, but she now understands she needed no validation. You may have stained her idea of respect, but she now knows where to get it – from her heart. You may have broken her trust, but she now has the strength to build it for her and for the people around her.

You may have destroyed her well-being, but not the wholeness of her.

This was how destroyed me, but not anymore.

Written By Ashley Cruz

Bio: An INFJ who loves movies and dogs.

Twitter: @AlyssaAshleyC - Instagram: @alyssaashleycruz