Take The Pressure Off We Are All Diamonds Here.


Being a woman there is all this pressure it seems like there’s pressure to outperform your male co-worker at work, the pressure to start a family, the pressure in keeping up appearances, the list could go on forever. Why? Why do we feel as a woman that we need to compete or fight with one another to get somewhere in our lives? If we want equality to be more than just a trending topic in the media, why don’t we start showing that equality toward one another before we start chanting it on stage in front of cameras?

There is plenty pressure put upon us from the moment we go out into the world to start our day. Why start taking it out on one another? It benefits no one. I feel that if we as women want our voices that heard about the causes that truly matter to us then we should start by speaking more Kindly and gently to ourselves first.If we want to make the masses rise why do we start by picking each other up and help us stay up.

It is true that diamonds are made from applied pressure, but where did it say that the pressure had to break every other diamond that got through it just so the other could shine brighter? I think how we talk to one another woman-to-woman has to change. The effort to make better has to start with ourselves and gradually run out toward our fellow woman. For all the talk that society does about how a woman needs to show a united front and become an unstoppable force why do we take every opportunity to stop one another from succeeding?

To rise up and stay up as a community of the strong-willed and determined women is a world that is changing by the millisecond, we need to be able to take the fall and believe that our fellow sisters will pick us up along the way. Because the truth is we will all turn out to be diamonds on our own time. So, why not shine together rather than apart from one another?

I strongly believe that as women we have our own unique set of tools that really could help change the world for the better. And if we focus on building that future for future generations to come, rather than focusing on competing, and chanting about change maybe we will all start to see the changes that we need to grow together. Change is scary, I get that.

But change is also necessary. So why don't we remove the pressure we put upon another as and survive whatever it is we are facing together. Cheering on and building with one another instead of against one another. And let’s start shinning together.

Written By Jessica Niziolek

Bio: I am a disability advocate, author, blogger, poet

Facebook: @msjnizauthorpoetadvocate - Instagram: @jnizi - Website: seetheabled.blogspot.co