Nice Try, But Life Goes On


We have all suffered from a moment of weakness. We have all had many late nights where we sat up wondering what comes next. Asking ourselves, how do I move forward from here? Just remember one thing: life does go on.

Spirit crushed and mind scattered, that is where I have been for the past month. At least I am honest enough to admit it, right? I have paced back and forth across my bedroom looking for answers that I honestly knew I would never find. However, I did stumble upon an idea that has given me the strength to continue to wake up every day more and more motivated to become everything you thought I would never be. I found hope. Knowing that life goes on, even after the most catastrophic storms, has provided me with the boost of confidence I so desperately needed. In this very moment, typing this article, the smile on my face is bright enough to replace the street lamps outside in my neighborhood. The ability to bounce back from any trauma never deserves to go unnoticed. That is definitely a triumph in my book. I, for one, have had brick after brick thrown at me. Yet, I am still here, walking gracefully towards my future. The future you never thought I would have.

In the midst of betrayal and heartache, there I stood, stronger than before. I have found myself and who I am destined to become. My life does not end because of the actions of another and I refuse to allow anyone, other than myself, to control my fate or determine my self-worth. We beat ourselves up entirely too much over circumstances outside of our control. I am grateful for the good times, as well as the bad ones. Every situation I have gone through has taught me a valuable lesson that I will forever carry with me.

To those who were only in my life for a season: I am not angry and I do forgive you. But, you no longer have control over me. Life goes on.

To those who have walked with me through it all: I love you. Life still goes on, but with you by my side.

Written By Amber Folkner

Bio: I find not only beauty, but also strength in words. Writing releases my deepest, most intimate thoughts and I am excited to share them with the world. If you are curious as to what I do in my spare time, that would be perfecting my craft and expanding my knowledge.

Facebook: @ambxrfolknxr