If you are bread
I don't want to be your butter
For then I couldn't be jam
Or PB or cheese or any other thing
That works just as well

If you are coffee
I don't want to be your donut
For then I couldn't be chocolate
Or ice cream or waffles-
And they do the trick as well

If you are hummus
I don't want to be your pita
For then I couldn't be celery
Or falafel, or tahini-
That can easily fill that space

And if you are milk
That's right-
I don't want to be your cookie
For then I couldn't be cereal
Or a brownie or cake

But you're not an old loaf
Or a hot comforting drink
You're the universe of flavor
A complete and splendid mix
And for everything that that means…
I'd like to be your salt

With all my flaws I know I'm far from perfect
Take one fair chance though and we could just work
I can be rough and coarse to touch
And on my own I can't do much
But with nothing else available on hand
You know I'll always be enough

There's almost nowhere I wouldn't fit in
Almost nothing I couldn't improve
And plain and boring as I might be
There's no place on Earth you won't find me

Even if I can get a little excessive
That's not an issue that can't be fixed
And while it's true that I could easily kill
Without me there would be no life

Born from the oceans all so mighty
I'd weather any storm with you
And you can trust that faced with acid
I'd burn myself so you don't

Yeah, I'm okay with salt

I just want to be irreplaceable.

Written By Aditi V

Bio: Aditi is a med student that likes, in no specific order, to eat, sleep, cook, read, write and laugh.

Facebook: @aditi.vakil17