Don't Fear The Tears


How often do you cry? Now I know right out of the gate, that’s a hell of a strong question. But, I bet it got you thinking. Now, take a moment and really think about it: How often do you cry? I’ve never understood why there is such a negative connotation around the word “cry.” I’ve never understood why crying has such a stigma attached to it. I want you to think about something else now, because it’s something a lot of people don’t recognize. As humans, everything we own, or come in contact with, can be cried over. We cry over people, we cry over our bodies, we cry over cars, we cry over food, we cry over movies,


That being said, I’ve never understood why people are seen as weak for crying. I’ve never understood why girls are looked at as pathetic for crying. I’ve never understood why boys are called “sissies” or “gay” or “fags” just because they cry. It turns my stomach and makes me physically and literally ill when I hear people call others derogatory words or names just because they cry. Let me tell you something. We cry for a reason. And let me tell you why we cry. We don’t cry because of what’s inside our minds. We don’t cry because of what’s inside our wallets. We don’t cry because of what is or isn’t in between our legs. We cry because of one thing: what we feel in our hearts. We cry because of the things we feel in our hearts and because of all the pain or hurt or excitement or joy or sorrow that we house within our hearts. We feel so deeply about things in our hearts. Think about this: If you tried for something that you really wanted, like a competition or an award or a person, and you failed the first time, would you give up? Well, if you say “yes,” then you’re probably using your mind. You’re probably letting your mind tell you “You’re no good, there’s no use to keep trying.”


And that’s where your heart comes into play. Because odds are, if you really tried for something or someone that you really wanted, and you didn’t get it or them, you’re going to feel down. But that’s normal, and that is ok. But in the end, your either going to move on because in your heart you feel like its best, or you’re going to keep trying, because that’s how deeply you feel in your heart.
Your heart feels so deeply for things in this life. It grows its roots into the things you truly care about, and in the process, your body becomes a blossoming flower. So the next time you cry, don’t feel discouraged. Don’t feel lousy. Don’t feel like a loser. Don’t feel gay. Don’t feel pathetic. Don’t fear the tears.

Just remember that you are watering yourself to blossom again on a new day.

Written By Nick Moser

Bio: I have written poetry for about 6 years now. I have self-written and self-published two books of poems in the past. Recently, I am starting to try and get my poetry more noticed and read by people all over the internet and the world. My goal is not to become some money-hungry poet, but one who helps people heal, makes people feel, and lets people know they are not alone in this far-reaching world. I want my poetry to be read, not just seen.

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