Love Is A Loaded Gun Chamber, And I Have Terrible Aim


I want to desperately grab you by the shoulders,

And tell you to stay.

Beg you to stay.

Plead for you to not walk away.

You are what gives me life,
And with every step you take away from me,
You take breath away from me too.

Love is not supposed to leave you.
It is not supposed to blow away like a beach umbrella in a rainstorm.
Love is supposed to hug you like a tight button up.
Snug right up against your chest to where it can practically hear your heartbeats before they are even made.

But what's the use anymore?

You left, they left, everyone left.
They always do.

And now, I still want to desperately grab you by the shoulders,
And still ask you to stay.
Still beg you to stay.

But I can't, because you already decided I was not worth your time.
Not worth your patience.
Not worth your love.

And now I'm tired of asking, and begging, and pleading,
For people to love me.
I hate when people use the phrase,
"Love Yourself."

Because as human beings, we have to experience the love of others.
Love is not a one way street.
Love is not a twin sized bed.
Love is not a party of one.

We have to experience love from others.

We need it to grow.
To heal.
To live.

We need it, we crave it.

When we feel love moving further and further away from us,
We feel ourselves being lowered further and further into the ground.

When we see love heading out the door,
We ask for it.
Beg for it.
And plead for it to just stay another night.

But ultimately,
We are left to do two things when it comes to love from other people:

We die for it.

Or we die from it.

Written By Nick Moser

Bio: I have written poetry for about 6 years now. I have self-written and self-published two books of poems in the past. Recently, I am starting to try and get my poetry more noticed and read by people all over the internet and the world. My goal is not to become some money-hungry poet, but one who helps people heal, makes people feel, and lets people know they are not alone in this far-reaching world. I want my poetry to be read, not just seen.

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