You And I


I like the way you have set up the home - bright colours, minimal furniture and neatly organised. You have even chosen my favourite colour for my favourite part of the home - yellow for the dining space.

Your white kurta stands out against the bright yellow and everything comes together beautifully and calms my impatient heart, even if for a moment.

I like how you meticulously lay the plates and make sure everyone has a glass. It warms my heart to see you wait patiently for everybody to come to the dinner table. After all, that's the only time you have with the family. It annoys me when you sometimes eat before the usual time but I understand that you're getting older.

Your habits make me wonder where you picked them up. Did you do the same for your wife, before she passed away? Or do you just do it now so you can spend some time with your son, who is now too old to need your help?

May be it was your time in the service that taught you the importance of family or may be you had a loving mother whom you admired for beautifully keeping the family together. May be it was then that you learnt the significance of family dinners and now you just follow the rituals.

The wrinkles on your face tell me you have known the world and survived it and I admire you for the same. The greys in your hair tell me how you got stronger with every passing day and yet became frail over the years.

I love how you make your grand child giggle and that brings a smile to my face. I don't know much about your professional life, since you haven't told me but what I see in the family, wins me over every time.

I like this routine of ours - you setting the plates and me watching you, unknown to you, as I walk past your house everyday on my way home. I like how our imperfect worlds come together and become perfect, even if for a few seconds. I just hope next time, you are laying the plates when I walk by and not eating your food before time. I like our routine and I feel thankful that you let me into your world through the open windows that are the perfect gateway for my eyes.

Written By Bodhirupa Raha

Bio: A writer by profession and cook by passion, I like tea, old books and the company of familiar faces.

Social Media: @ruhir