The Purposeful Baby


A purposeful baby – the planned creation of a couple in love. The intended offspring of the love that each individual has for the other. The transposition of the emotional into the physical. 

This is, the purposeful baby…

So let us embrace in that. Let us find each other for one night. Not with the animal nor carnal desire to exploit our own physical needs or wants, but to fulfill the vast emptiness we possess. Allow me to get lost while finding you. Allow me to find you in your loneliness while I am disoriented in mine. Let us be alone….together.

And in this moment, let me surpass the taste of your flesh. Let me find myself in your abandonment. Teach me what I can be by delivering yourself to me…and use me. Use me as your instrument. Use me to find yourself. Use me for more than the animal and the natural, but for the impassioned and perhaps the supernatural. Allow me to disassemble myself for you, so you can benefit from my pieces…and hopefully, it’s enough to envelop yourself. Be instantly mine, while I am momentarily yours…and in this abstract moment of bliss, sorrow, and madness…let’s make a purposeful baby.

Then so, let us return…return to ourselves, to our dryness, and to our angst. The angst that only a momentary purposeful baby…allowed us to escape.

Written By Carlos Amaro

Bio: I just like to type things in my computer.