Need For Greed


There is only one truth, and it is called need.
Only one reason, known as greed.
All else is a lie, we tell ourselves,
Mere words designed to deceive.

A hundred reasons meant to convince,
To feel better and morally right. 
In those illusions we live and hide
Behind a thin veil, we escape the light.

But the reality remains, driving us wild,
Rises from within and pushes us to the edge. 
To leap forward into the fight,
Or step back and take a flight.

If the need is strong, the battle is fought.
If the illusion prevails, we quit and submit.
But choices are made, and a price is paid.
For we all are simply slaves of our own need.

If the choice was to quit, a world was lost.
And we are left with a bitter “What if”?
In the shadow of regret, we move on.
Using inaction as a stepping stone.

A creeping  question “What Now?”
A crawling thought, “What Next?”
Because no matter how far we go,
There is something we will always need.  

Instead, let the battle be fought,
And the end be seen.
The causalities may leave us distraught, 
Tired, battered and guilty within.

But there shall be pleasure, 
And a sense of triumph.
The knowledge that comes only from failure,
And the honor of trying.
With that we shall move forward,
To keep the fire burning,
With the fuel of greed,
To seek out once again, what we need.

Written By Aashish Gandhi

Bio: I see the world in Black and White. In bits of 0 or 1. A software engineer by profession, and a novice writer. Love and Life is the area of my focus, and philosophy is what I dwell on.