I Hope You Learn To Live More In 2018


I hope you stop holding yourself back from doing what you love, from saying what you want, from being brave enough to live your truth. I hope you refuse to follow what the world is telling you to do. I hope you stand your ground, show everyone that you can’t easily be swayed, and even if you turn out to be wrong on your own beliefs, still show them that you learn from your mistake. 

I hope you smile more in 2018. I hope you laugh louder, love bigger, live brighter. Let your sparkles shine from within and don’t allow anyone else dim you. Be proud of all your choices and no matter what consequences you face out of your wrong decisions — own them. 

This upcoming year is a great opportunity for you to have a restart. It’s time to let the universe know what you can offer in it. It’s a chance for you to change everything that you don’t want about yourself, about your circumstances. It’s the moment that you’ve been waiting for so long. 

The moment when you are given an empty chapter to fill. The moment when you can shrug off the terrible things that happened to you in the last twelve months — or beyond that. The moment when you can forget, and forgive, and let go. The moment when you can just allow certain things that you have no control of to happen the way they’re supposed to be. 

I hope you make resolutions that you can make happen this 2018. I hope you scribe your goals, look at them with pride, and believe in them, in yourself, in your capacity. I hope you finally understand the power that you have to turn the tides against you. 

Because you have the ability to do whatever you put your mind into. You are stronger than you think you are. You are worth the compliments and credits that, sometimes, you don’t give yourself. You are beautiful in your own ways and you are doing just fine — even if people say otherwise. 

In 2018, let your true self come out from hiding in its shelf. Find your voice, cultivate it, and speak for your truth. Don’t let opportunities slip out of your fingers the way you did before. This year is yours. This life is yours. Every moment of the day is yours. And you have to believe that, because it’s true. 

I hope you really live your life the way you want this year. I hope you don’t doubt, don’t get scared, don’t hide beneath your skin. I hope you realize that you’re not going to be here forever. And I hope you start doing what’s right and just, regardless of whether or not everyone will agree with you.

Written By Angelo Caerlang

Author Bio: Angelo can speak three languages: English, Filipino, and a little bit of Spanish. As of now, he has hundreds of articles across the internet and does different sorts of 1-minute weekly videos on his Instagram. He is a Certified Public Accountant in real life and an internet writer behind the screen.

Instagram: @angelocaerlang - Facebook: LINK - Website: theangelocaerlang.wordpress.com