5 Must Do's Post Break-Up..!!


"Break up" - the term itself contains the word 'break'..
Feeling of  being in love is beautiful but separation after that is equally a painful process..It breaks your heart into multiple pieces and breaks you as a person when it happens.

But Life goes on so does Time without waiting for us to cope up with our broken hearts.

Here are 5 must doable things post break up which we should follow to be up again. Because, Hey life is beautiful and we got to make most out of that..

1. Cry and let your soul feel the pain..

Yes..!! You read it right..
"Do not cry and hold back the tears" is definitely not the right advice post break up. We are human beings and emotions are the unique features of our being.Feel the pain - live in it- endure it but never let it destroy you.It will indeed reduce the heartache. For sure you will feel much relieved after letting go of those held back tears from your system.
But once you cry your heart out, make sure you do not cry for the same reason again..!! (Or at-least reduce the intensity of that if not stopping it altogether initially.)

2. Date yourself

Remember how much we longed for the other person to pamper us while we were in love..? Why not be independent enough to do the same for yourself? Like...Pamper yourself-take yourself out for a movie or shopping or for dinner...!! Date yourself before you can date others. It is an amazing experience.You are only responsible for your demands to be fulfilled.You will get to know yourself better.
So, date the beautiful you and make yourself feel special..!!

3. Take up a new hobby

Do those things which you always wanted to do to suffice your soul.It can be anything that fascinates you. It maybe cooking and experimenting with new dishes, reading a new book, taking up salsa classes that you wanted to join from long back or it can be as simple as napping or taking a stroll with your pet dog in the nearby park..
Life would not seem that bad because you will be learning something new and knowledge my dear never goes out of fashion..!!!

4. Socialize

When you have dated yourself enough and when you start to feel that the pain you felt in initial days  of your break up have started to fade then it is time for you to pick up that new dress and go out and meet your friends.. & Dress to kill..!! No, not to impress others. But simply for yourself to remind yourself that you are the best.
Go out to that nearby club or lounge and party. Meet old ones as well as new ones..Making new friends never goes out of style..!!

5. Dare to love again

This is the most important step.
well, why not?? Date people..Even flirt if you feel like..These will keep you happy and going..Dating is healthy because it reminds you that you are still important to people & people like to spend time with you & appreciate your company.
One or two bad relationship should not make you feel that you can not fall in love or feel anymore.
Dare to fall in love again.Because Love is beautiful.
As they say, Love is not complicated but people are.!!!

Written By Abhipsa Mondal

Author Bio: An optimistic soul..Love to romance with words.. & believer of happy endings because if it's not happy it can not be the ending..!!

Facebook: @abhipsa.mondal