I don't know how else to get your attention. I guess I'm still trying to figure out exactly why I want it in the first place. I know you're reading this right now, I know the memories of us are circling back in your head. When your hand glided softly against my skin. My body tensed i felt a rush of emotions it was as if I had fallen in love with you all over again. I looked in your eyes as you promised to never hurt me again. I laid awake all night sitting around soaked sheets your body used to touch remembering the feeling of your warmth of your body emit itself to mine. After all of this. I still have one question for you.. was she worth it? Was I not good enough for you.. she gave you herself, gave away what I couldn't. You see, I see my body as a temple, a special thing that's sacred and must be loved and worshipped. Like a precious set of diamonds and gold. You see it as a play place your own personal toy that you can use and manipulate to fill the void your selfish ego thinks it needs. I thought I was weak until I met you. I see how you treat her, how you talk about her. You lie to her... but yourself too, you have her trapped in this web, the difference? I fought. I still continue to keep fighting until my mind and body are clean from your lies, and hurt. I stayed with you, comforted you, and loved you. You snuck her in your house, invaded her and stole every piece of her heart leaving her tangled up with you. Watching you walk past me my heart races, I become physically ill because I know your true intentions. I hate you. I hate you so much. I say this to a friend, my first love, my everything. I wish you the best in all you do, I wish that one day you grow up and move out of your childish mind. I hope you have a family that is beautiful and full of happiness and love. I wish you meet a women, a strong independent women who teaches you the real meaning of love. Who you change and better yourself for. To you.. this is my farewell. I will no longer be held back by the memories you implanted in my brain, the pain you left throughout my body.. I'm finally clean. Goodbye.

Written By Brianna Mccormack

Bio: I’m a 16 year old girl, I’ve gone through many obstacles and writing and music always helped me get through it. I just live once a small little town doing my thing!

Instagram: @itsmebri9