Ways To Fight Hard When Nothing Feels Quite Right


1. If you've spent a major chunk of your life resisting the herd, refusing to give in to unnecessary demands and turn into a clone, you'll understand. You don't have to be a part of the rat race, you don't have to do anything you are not comfortable with.  Stand your ground. They'll push you, shove you, mock you. Don't budge. Look them straight in the eye and stand your ground.

2.  Find those who hear you. The ones who know what you're going through will wipe off your tears, standing next to you and holding your hand. Block the negative forces with people who are with you because they understand and want to help you. They want to hit back at the pessimists who say that dreams are for naive minds, they're looking for a chance to prove them wrong, they're showing they'll stay with you until the very end. 

3. Laugh often. Attend a stand-up comedy gig, find a funny video, scroll through a silly conversation, call up someone who makes you laugh the most. Remember to breathe and be kind to yourself. Laughter heals and makes you forget your pain. Embrace the unknown, live in the present and memorize a knock-knock joke for the bad times. 

4. Find what you love and hold on tightly. It doesn't have to be your job. Maybe it's a dance class, a kitschy coffee shop with posters on the walls that lets you sit in your favorite corner and stare at all the night lights or the mind-blowing view from the rooftop of your apartment building. It can be anything. Remember to visit it often, take solace in its presence and let go. 

5. Explore a new place, a different country, an unfamiliar street in your city. Leave your comfort zone and force your mind and body to adapt. You'll be sweating nervously - at first. You'll slowly start walking more confidently, smiling at strangers and asking questions, staring at everything in wonder. You'll realize that it's a beautiful world and it has a lot to offer for every kind of wanderer. 

6. Believe. Even when it feels practically impossible, you must allow yourself to hope, to visualize a happy ending and imagine it in your head. Clutch positive thoughts tightly and don't let them get escape from your fingertips. They're worth the fight. 

7. Be kind to yourself. You are not your demons.  You are not your disappointments, your heartbreak, your fear, your sadness, your pain, your lost friendships, your failed relationships, your unfinished dreams, your insecurities, your trembling hands, your panic attacks, your self-hatred, your bowl of uncertainties, your difficult memories, your lost loves, your messy apartment, your mismatched socks, your bad grades, your grief, your anger, your scars, your broken selves. You're a warrior and there's no one else exactly like you in this world. You're unique, strong and capable of doing absolutely anything you decide to do. You are enough.

Written By Boshika Gupta

Author Bio: Boshika Gupta is a journalist and daydreamer who loves narrative non-fiction and swapping travel stories. She is endlessly fascinated by a bunch of eclectic things such as freediving, the perfect cup of coffee, hangover cures, love letters and bars with quirky names. -  Twitter: @smilingblues