A Short List Of Things You Need To Do With Your Boyfriend Before You Settle Down With Him


1. Travel to foreign countries.

They say you’re going to know your partner more when you travel to different cities outside your country. You’re going to be able to see how your boyfriend reacts and handles frustrating situations. You’re going to have a glimpse at his true personality by the way he treats other people who don’t have the same culture, beliefs, and upbringing compared to him. Traveling with him is a chance for you to find out if he’s really protective of you when both of you face difficult scenarios.

2. Spend the whole day reading books together.

Sit beside him and show him your love without necessarily saying a single word. You can rest your head on his lap while you’re reading your newly found favorite book. You can trace your fingers in his arms while he’s busy finishing a chapter of a book he just recently purchased. You can make him feel your presence even when your mind is in another world.

3. Attend a concert.

Buy tickets to the concert of a musician that you and your boyfriend love. Sing to the lyrics of your favorite songs together. Dance beside him when they play an upbeat track. Let him hug you in the back when a romantic song fills the air around you.

Music connects people together and one of the nicest ways of making him fall for you more is to know the kind of songs that give him good vibes.

4. Watch the stars at night.

There’s something special about laying a blanket at an open space, in the middle of the night, and watching the stars give tiny lights across the sky. If you want to create a long-lasting memory with your boyfriend, invite him to go stargazing with you. Hold his hands while both of you appreciate how beautiful the earth is when it gets dark. Stare at his reflection and remind yourself why you chose him in the first place. Look at him and realize that you have finally found your forever.

5. Take a long road trip.

It’s okay to have a break in life for a while and drive somewhere you can immediately find peace. Ask your boyfriend to hit the road with you and see wonderful sites that each state offers to its visitors. Allow yourself to experience an adventure you never had before – eat as many greasy foods as you can, sleep in small hotel rooms, listen to car radio non-stop while you rest your feet on the car’s dashboard, and take pictures of your boyfriend driving. Allow yourself to live the kind of life you will feel excited telling your children in the future.

6. Tell your most embarrassing secret.

If he’s the one you’re planning to marry soon, you have to be sure that he’s going to accept you no matter who you were before and regardless of the information that he’s going to learn about you. If you’re really important to him, he will not frown and make offensive remarks when he heard something disappointing that you did in the past.
By telling him your most embarrassing story, you will know if he’s really sure about his love for you.

7. Meet each other’s parents.

When a guy is proud to have you as his significant other, he will not think twice about you meeting his parents and vice versa. In fact, he will initiate and even plan on spending time with your family and getting to know them. Asking your parents for some insights about your boyfriend will help you decide if he’s the one you should promise your forever with. At the end of the day, your family members are the ones who truly know what is best for you.

8. Get used to seeing him in the morning.

Marrying him in the future means loving the good and the bad part of him. It’s accepting who he is even in his most vulnerable and unglamorous state. Seeing him first in the morning gives you a full view of the unfiltered version of him. At some point, you have to remember that his qualities on the inside are more important than his good looking physique.

9. Make lists of all the reasons why you love one another.

There’s no such thing as perfect relationship. You and your boyfriend are going to have fights and arguments once in a while. When things get tough between the two of you, it helps to have written lists as reminders about why you fell in love with each other in the first place. It’s nice to have your words of affection for him be frozen and captured in a piece of paper and make them last for a lifetime.

10. Have a discussion about financial matters.

Conversation about money is something that makes some people feel uncomfortable. But it’s better if you and your boyfriend are going to be honest about how your living expenses together will be accounted for to avoid having financial disputes against each other in the future. As a couple, both of you should sit down and do monthly budget based on the level of income that the two of you have. Your relationship will be less stressful when both of you can cross off financial matters in your lists of things to worry about.

Written By Angelo Caerlang

Author Bio: Angelo can speak three languages: English, Filipino, and a little bit of Spanish. As of now, he has hundreds of articles across the internet and does different sorts of 1-minute weekly videos on his Instagram. He is a Certified Public Accountant in real life and an internet writer behind the screen. - Instagram: @angelocaerlang - Facebook: LINK - Website: theangelocaerlang.wordpress.com