The World Will Try to Make You Into Someone You’re Not, Don’t Let It


It's tough to be the person you always want to be when the ones surrounding you say otherwise.

Sometimes its hard to follow your path when so many people are pushing you towards different directions. You will get to a point when you're never sure if your choices are truly yours or only to fulfill what is expected of you.

But pretty thing, keep in mind that you have your own say too. 

I know that we live in a world full of standards and comparisons. Anywhere you go, people will always try to force their opinions on you. They will change you into someone that suits their ego. They will try to hone you on their ideas of how you should be, even when you know it's not who you really are.

Just let them have their say. But remember, you still hold the power to decide whether to let them get to you or not. If their words are only meant to hurt and put you down, then push them aside. You don't need that negativity in your life.

People will think what they want to, they will tell you a lot of stuff, some which are meant to encourage while others are to break you. But whatever they have got to say should not matter. It's how you see yourself that really counts. Make sure you're comfortable in your own skin because at the end of the day those who love you truthfully will accept every part of you, flaws and all.

The only voices that you should listen to are of those who truly want to bring out the best in you, the ones who believe in your capabilities and help you realize them.

Always be true to yourself and just work hard to live a life you're proud of. A day will come that you’ll be grateful for choosing to drown out the noise of the crowd.

Written By Carol Tudence

Bio: A small town girl aspiring to inspire others with her words.

Instagram: @khendycrush