I Want To Spend A Lifetime Making It Up To You


I thought I could be happy without your love. I thought I could smile without your good morning. I thought I could live a life without you by my side. I thought I could be lighted without your guidance. I thought that everyday would always be my day.

But, I was wrong. My suppositions failed.

Only then that I have realized I can't do it without you. I am neophyte. I was wrong when I shoved you away. I was wrong when I hurt you. There are times that my days are like fleeting shadow and all I wanted is you- to shower me your unfailing love.

With all my suppositions proven futile and worthless, I found my whole human flesh drifting toward incurable pain, inescapable heartbreak and inexpressible hatred.

Now, I am standing alone in the darkness. Nothing is here. No one is with me and it's just merely an undulating sigh of everyday's crushing sorrow. I am dreaming alone which most of it hang as illusions. I wake up alone in every morning and everything goes wrong. Everyone's heartless and the world is against me. My Love, I am living alone- a life in vain and within me is in so much pain.

It torments me.

The emptiness and hollowness seems so unbearable each moment. I wish I could cry but tears just won't fall anymore. My heart feels as dry twigs inside. I'm completely isolated and alone and no one understand what I am going through- the heartbreak that becomes a torture. The kind of extreme pain I go through is like a lemon when it's being squeezed.

I'm sorry.

I desperately want you back to give my life some meaning again. I want you back to give my life the scents and colors. I want you to be here beside me, so I could live a beautiful life.

Please come back to me. Fill my days with your presence. I want to spend a lifetime making it up to you.

Written By Bea C. Pilotin

Bio: I'm a woman who is passionate about coherent words. I love Ben Affleck because he has a name like my Dad that sounds like freshly laundered sheets flapping on the air.

Facebook: @beapilotin