Disease Of The Mind


It’s a disease of the mind
It affects the way you think,
The way you feel.
It makes you question life,
And if it’s really worth living.
It tears you apart,
And breaks you down,
Until you’re nothing but a shell,
Desperate to fill your hollow insides with something more
Than the skeleton of pain that holds you up. 

This disease,
So easily masked in the;
Fake smiles,
Packed to-do lists,
Impossible to achieve goals, 
Will to help everyone but yourself.
It’s scary how easy it is to hide it.
It’s scary to say to say that no one could ever guess
That you’re slowly shattering to pieces. 

The reason? 
Who knows.
The trigger?
There might be one.
No cause
No reason
No trigger,
Means no help.
Because if the one’s with the doctoral degree can’t see it,
It means it’s not real. 

But it is real.
It’s real,
And it’s scary.
Terrifying, actually.

It’s invisible.
You don’t feel it until it’s too late, 
And by that time, 
Its cold hands are already wrapped around your neck
Waiting for the right breath to be your last. 

This disease kills.
It strips you of all that you are, 
And condemns you to a life
Of being a hungry soul,
Desperately wanting a different end. 
But alas, you cannot have a different end.
This disease is a part of who you are,
Entrenched within your every breath. 
And it is here to stay. 

Only you
Can save yourself now.

Written By Bisleen Attli

Author Bio: An avid coffee lover trying to inspire the world through her bold writing. - Instagram: @bisleenattli  - Facebook: @bisleen.attli