The Greatest Salesman In The World


My sister and I are organizing to write a book together. Previously I created a play and film about addiction and what it did to our family. How it began. Wanted to connect to people. She’s excited to write and get involved but she said, if you think it’ll sell. 

I also have a relative who wants to make her own YouTube channel. However, she was scared about getting subscribers. If she was gonna get any subscribers and how she was gonna go about doing that. 

I have an issue with this mentality.

The creative process of anything you want to make is so unpredictable. Even the completion is unpredictable. If it will sell is totally unpredictable. 

I said to my sister it’s not about selling. It’s about speaking your truth and doing something you’re scared of. Everything will fall in line after that. It’s never what you expect. Whether u sell or not, the act of doing brings a ton of rewards and self satisfaction internally. Can transform lives. It’s transformed mine. There’s a lot of great artists.

 They won’t put themselves out there because of that fear. No one will buy it. The definition of success to most is fame and fortune. If you can’t achieve that what’s the point. 

There’s a point much greater than that. Connecting to people, to yourself,  and helping others. Sharing a good story. Inspire. It’s much more than a numbers game. I know from experience that what you reveal you heal. Art is about expression and love. Walking that purpose can give you hope for a better tomorrow and more confidence than you could ever imagine. 

As an artist. I wanna connect to everybody. As many people as possible. Teach a lesson. There’s power in that. I can control that. The intention.

Written By Antonette Hudak

Antonette is a writer, director, actor to independent theater and film. She is An LA based artist.

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