Conditional Love – An Exploration Into The Modern-Day Downfall Of Human Relationships


Love in all forms is by nature designed to be a beautiful thing. Love of friends, family, life, and mankind is the very crux of our existence. Unfortunately, unconditional love has become a concept that is seen more commonly in fiction novels rather than in real everyday life. The news is a constant reminder how the absence of love has dented our culture and moral compass. We have become a society hell-bent on expectation and shaming until we get results. Social Media is probably the most notorious vehicle of public shaming. Cries of injustice, immorality, victimization, and the relentless pursuit of the almighty dollar are evidence of a modern day black plague. We are a diseased culture where human connection and valuable relationships are disposable.

After a sleepless night, I awoke to this realization – Unconditional love is diminishing alongside human presence and connection. I have witnessed more of the following than ever before. I even had to ask myself, am I one of the few? 

  • Few give without expecting
  • Few support or assist without first giving a very un-needed five cents or shaming speech
  • Few love without wanting reciprocation
  • Few praise or compliment without a hidden agenda
  • Few parents accept, understand, and provide without turmoil
  • Few contribute without recognition or a tax benefit
  • Few stop on the side of the road to lend a hand to a passerby having road trouble
  • Few look up from their phones to acknowledge the eyes of a friend, cashier, banker, loved one etc.
  • Few children are taught to give Thank-you cards, say Thank you, Please, and Your welcome or to speak when spoken to...
  • Few in meaningful relationships fight to the death to save them
  • Few sacrifice a moment's comfort to lend a helping hand
  • Few offer a meal, transportation, or a pick up, delivery to an ill person who is shut-in

I could keep listing examples, but I don't think I need to. If your honest, this extends much beyond the happy feel good videos we see on our Facebook feeds. Not that they aren't hope inducing, but when are we going to see it expressed in our everyday lives? I don't know about you, but I long to be the recipient of unconditional love.

There are valid solid reasons people cling hard to their animals. It all comes down to unconditional love. It feels good and it is lacking within the world of the two-legged human species. I didn't write this to be a kill-joy, but to bring awareness. Much like saving the blue oceans – let's save ourselves from the ME first culture we have so heavily embraced. Let's find the love. Let's show it unconditionally. 

How do we start?  WE BRING IT.

  • Bring back carrying someone's groceries out. 
  • Bring forth a smile to every living soul. 
  • Bring around the I won't quit mentality into play when shit gets real.
  • Bring into motion a determination to help without expectation.
  • Bring love into every interaction. Love Hard. Love without proper reason. Love despite of.
  • Bring the joy into your relationships by celebrating the fucked-up moments – life isn't supposed to be Disneyland.
  • Bring credit into your friendships and then keep that shit high just like you do your credit score. 
  • Bring yourself down a few notches and remember you are a couple of hard hits and bad decisions from being the person you look down upon.
  • Bring spiritual relevance into your being. Ask the hard questions – Why do I do what I do? Is it meshing with my core values? 

 I hope this article challenges everyone to find a few unconditional love characteristics within them. Our world needs you. Honestly speaking, we all would benefit from knowing someone who will embody this antiquated human notion of unconditional loving.

Written By Candace Kastanis

I am a Freelance Writer of many years.  I try hard to be my best self most of the time and write what's on my heart. In my spare time, I enjoy time with friends and family, long walks, and a good glass of wine.

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