To Whom It May Concern


You won’t be the raging butterflies
or the i-can’t-sleep-at-night-because-reality-is-better-than-my-dreams
You will be the soft warm blanket that makes me feel safe to sleep 

You won’t be the hurricane that turns everything upside down, then leaves
or the earthquake that rocks my world
You will be the ray of sun, the crack of light in the clouds after a stormy night

You won’t be the i’ll-see-how-it-goes
or the que sera sera I’ve been so used to
You will be the sure thing after a string of almosts and what ifs

You won’t be the taste of wine or whiskey
or the the tequila that gives me a fleeting sense of confidence
You will be the promise of water after a long drought and the rush of air after I drowned

You won’t be all the things that other guys were
or those that they were not
You will be you, incomparable and simply different

You will be the light house that guides me home in times when the wind picks up
And my sail gets a little bit off track
You will be the calming lull of waves that gently carries me to land

You will be the answer why I had to go through heartbreaks, doubts and disappointments
And I will finally be at peace with the fact why it never worked out with anyone else
Because if it did, then I would never have found you

You will be the reason why I will thank the universe for removing the wrong ones
Because what a lonely life it would have been
To settle for someone that is not you

For now, I will have to be patient
Until the day our roads finally intersect
But trust, that I am on my way and that I cannot wait to finally see you

Written By Carol Tudence

Bio: A small town girl aspiring to inspire others with her words.

Instagram: @khendycrush