1 Year, 12 Dares, 365 Chances.


In the new year, challenge yourself. Welcome the things that scare you most. Welcome the things that are unconventional.  Welcome the things that are not typical, are not perfect, are not comfortable.

I challenge you to break the mold. To break the norm of New Year's Resolutions.  To break the norm and in fact not be normal. To break the norm of what you think should happen starting on January 1, 2018.  

To not write a list that you won't get done, but to write a list that you actually want to get done. To not write a list of that looks good on paper, but to write a list that looks good in your life. To not write a list that will be easy to fulfill, but to write a list that is going to be hard to fulfill, that is going to suck at times to fulfill, that is going to challenge your mind, body, and soul. To not write a list of workouts, meal plans, travel goals, and money expectations but, to write a list that is going to help all of those in the process.  That are going to make you a better human being. That again, are going to challenge you. 

Why? Because life isn't easy.  Life isn't supposed to be easy and life will never be easy.  Because you shouldn't want things to be easy because it is so much sweeter at the finish line when you had to bust your ass to get there.  Because when you look back at the tears, the grind, and the times you didn't think you could get through you'll actually look back and not only feel stronger but be stronger.  

This new year, I dare you to dare yourself to ... 

1. Get lost. For the fact that it will force you to find your way back.  It will put you in uncomfortable situations.  It will make you question your journey.  It will absolutely though, put you on a path you never imagined to be on, a path that will be better than you ever imagined to be on.  

2. Care too much. Because caring too much is better than not caring at all.  Because we have enough people in this world that don't care enough and they are wasting what they have. Care too much because it is important to you. 

3. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Rather than being scared of the feelings you are feeling ... put them out in the universe.  Show people the love you have for them.  Tell people your feelings.  Cry if you need to cry.  Be you, do you. 

4. Be honest, maybe too honest. Tell people how you feel when you feel it.  When you miss someone, tell them.  When someone has food in their teeth, tell them.  When your feelings are hurt, tell them. When you think something doesn't look good on a friend, instead of talking about how bad they look, help them, tell them.  

5. Stop pretending. You are you for a reason.  Don't try to be anything you're not just to please others. Instead of pretending to be what your not, be the person you want to be.  Make changes for the better.  

6. Be bold. Don't sit in the background.  Stand out. Wear bold lipstick, dye your hair, shake your booty in public, tell someone your point of view even if it opposes theirs, network yourself, tell someone your cheesy joke just to make them smile, use a pick up line because why not.  Don't let go unnoticed.  

7. Stop being afraid of rejection.  Welcome it. Because it means that that is one less thing you have to worry about and one less thing you have to focus your attention on.  Be around things and people that choose you.  That want you.  That don't reject you.  

8. Be fearless. Usually the things we fear are the things we want most in life.  We fear love, but believe it exceeds hate.  We fear failure, but that's how we reach success.  We fear being with someone else, but don't want to be alone.  Jump off the bridge, tell someone your story, go out without makeup on, sky dive from 10,000 feet in the sky, quit your job.  

9. Take risks. Lots of them. You never know the possibilities that can occur in your life until you risk it all.  Until you decide to sink or swim.  Until you decide to actually believe in what you believe in. Until you break the mold, color outside the lines, and not apologize for being you. 

10. Be persistent. Even when you feel silly or it feels like it is not worth it, persist.  Send the text, make the call, comment on the picture, write the letter, make the move.  You want it for a reason, and if you want it bad enough, don't stop until it's yours.     

11. Forgive. Because it's weight off your shoulders. It's thoughts that no longer consume your mind. It's making you a bigger person. It's a grudge that doesn't need to be held on to. 

12. Choose yourself then love yourself. Practice self-love because you truly can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself. Believe in yourself, and then want to be yourself.  

I dare you to welcome the bad days. Welcome them, accept them, not dwell on them, learn from them. Bad days make you realize the definition of good days or at least your definition of a good day. Bad days help you find the small victories in each and every day. Bad days are what make you the badass of your life. Bad days create champions in each one of us. Bad days don't kill you, bad days build you.

in the new year, dare yourself, challenge yourself, brace yourself, be yourself.   

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Written By Alexa Glazer

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Author Bio: Hey there friends! My name is Alexa Glazer, a 25 year old girl who is on the road to live out her dreams. Dreams of passionate endeavors and mind blowing experiences.    I'm all about life changes and bold moves.  I dance it out in the kitchen, shake my booty when I'm feel moody, and think that chocolate ice cream is always the answer.  I think you can in fact be the perfect combination of sensitive and savage, cute and sexy.  I have the purest of hearts and want to give everyone a little piece of it.   I believe in believing in something, anything.  I believe that life is based on contradictions and everything we face is situational.  I believe in adventures and being a collector of experiences.  I believe in forever love, superstitions, that rules are meant to be broken and that the key to success is to be livin' the dream and that involves --   SACRIFICE. THE GRIND. HAPPINESS. SMALLVICTORIES. HUMILITY.  Let me fill you in on the background to my madness. My dad, the greatest dad of all time passed away when I was 21 years old.  He was a best friend and a mentor to me. Now, this portion of my life doesn't define me it has molded me into the woman that I am today.  It has knocked me off my feet, put me at my worst and has also pleasantly surprised me by giving me the perspective to make me my best. It has evolved, matured, changed and motivated me to try and conquer the world.  By conquering the world I mean making it a better place for you and I and putting a positive light into people's lives.  How can one girl conquer the world you ask?  Well shit, I'm asking myself that exact same question. I'm quite aware this will not be easy but I plan to make it happen anyway. This is how ...  Aspiring to inspire all walks of life, all shapes, all colors, all sizes, all ages.  Helping people understand that our struggles are what mold us into becoming better human beings. Life happens, shit happens, but what you do next is up to you. Be positive.    Show, teach and remind people that "livin' the dream" does not just mean one day. It means right now.  Everyday. It is today because tomorrow is not promised. My goals are to give you content than you can relate to.  I hope as you read my blog (and my soon to be self-published book), as you watch my videos, as you listen to my speeches and workshops, as your scroll through my Instagram feed, I hope you can hear and see an honest to goodness real person. A gal just trying to give perspectives on real life. Because there ain't nothin fake about what we go through on the daily. I want you to find a friend in me because I have already found a friend in you.  I want to challenge your mind and in turn for you to challenge mine. I love a good challenge. I'm here to give you a spark, maybe even a firework of hope, inspiration, and a sense of gratefulness. This is your personal invitation to my livin' the dream party.  A party worth attending. Join me for a journey of a lifetime.