When You've Got Nothing Left To Give

Written By Aditi V

Author Bio: Aditi is a med student that likes, in no specific order, to eat, sleep, cook, read, write and laugh. - Facebook: @aditi.vakil17


Take a chance.

Climb the Raindrop Ladder,
And leap onto Cloud Blanket
After all
When you already know rock-bottom
What have you left to fear? 

Take off 

Soar into the sunset,
Feed the flames, for a change.
Armor may melt, it might even burn
But at least
The tears will finally dry 

Take a break.

Jump into the water,
Float out into the ocean.
I mean-
When the pain has already drowned you
What have you left to lose?

Let it go.

Pain and doubt and hurt and fear
It's all about perspective anyway
While the Sun sets
And night follows
Elsewhere it's a brand new day