Written By Aditi V

Author Bio: Aditi is a med student that likes, in no specific order, to eat, sleep, cook, read, write and laugh. - Facebook: @aditi.vakil17


They said I could be anything that I set my earnest mind to
So I called myself a yogi in the pursuit of flexibility:
I thought it was the only way
I could fit into your world
It took a while, but soon I learned
To bed and twist and squeeze myself
And fit into the little space
That you had carved out for me 

I pulled a muscle once or twice
Popped a shoulder, broke a bone
But all in all that's not so bad - I mean,
I didn't have to chop my feet
Just to fit into the space
And it's always said that slim is in…
So all in all it wasn't anything
That painkillers and salads couldn't fix

But then the walls crept in closer, and I thought I had slipped
The air became that much warmer - I'd only meant to indulge a bit!
Slowly, at first, and I could keep up
Small and supple I continued to grow
And while at it I thanked you for
This perfect opportunity bestowed on me
To far excel and go beyond
All I'd ever thought I would be

I really don't know when realization first
Dawned upon my mind
But as the walls crumbled and windows shattered
I suddenly began to see
You weren't trying to help me grow,
You weren't trying to help me succeed
You were instead trying your best
To banish me into exile 

It took a while to realize
That because I could didn't mean I should;
So now I think that if I really can be
Anything that I want to be
I really, really want to be
What I think I always should have been
It's what I'm henceforth always going to be: