Look Again! There It Awaits - Happiness!

Written By Bodhirupa Raha

Author Bio: A writer by profession and cook by passion, I like tea, old books and the company of familiar faces. - Facebook: @ruhir


In one episode of How I Met Your Mother, Marshall goes on a city wide hunt for the best burger he once had had during his first days in the city. He firmly believes that that was THE perfect burger he has ever had and nothing comes a close second. Tagging along are loyal friends and his supportive wife who are a tad bit concerned about this fixation yet say nothing. A very famished Robin is only able to take one bite of a burger before she is dragged to the next joint. Too many shops and several interventions later, Marshall confesses about how finding that burger would change his life - since nothing else seems to be going well. However, he does end up finding the burger and the episode ends on a tasty note, unlike our life.

Of course, am not talking about one's perfect burger (although it is equally important). How many times have we gone on a search for the trace of the once-perfect person we all came across in our lives and yet missed the opportunity? We compare every person who comes into our lives with the ghost of the person we still carry with us every step of our existence. We re-live the days gone by and hopelessly hope against hope for a second chance at happiness. 

In this quest for happiness, we often forget one key difference - the burger had a constant recipe and the only constant thing about humans is their tendency to change from time to time. Time, circumstances, events, death and so many other factors shape who we are and sway our life decisions. We change ourselves yet we fail to understand the changes in others. We keep wondering why they can't seem to remember the good times? May be they can, may be they cant. Or maybe, just maybe, it wasn't such a good time for them but we chose to believe otherwise. 

Maybe it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Of course, you can still hit snooze and enjoy the warmth of the good memories a little while longer but sooner or later it will be time to face the reality. Like most things in our lives, we tend to romanticize the past - the days we were broke, the childhood, the first job - so on and so forth. After all, these were the days that made us who we are today. But did we stay in those phases or did we come out stronger?

It is time to step out of this perfect person's aura and it's time to take them off the pedestal. How else will you be happy? You can't keep eating burgers all your life, while constantly thinking about the one burger that was perfect. May be that's all that it was and it is time to accept it for what it was. Take those memories off the pedestal and dust it. People change and so will you. As long as you stop looking in the same places, you are sure to find happiness.