I'll Love You In Another Lifetime

Written By Aishath Shaifa Shahid

Instagram: @shaishahid


"You are an enigma wrapped in a paradox
like the thick haze
that separates us.
We stand across from each other
waiting for one of us to muster up the courage
to cross this intangible wall.
Don’t get me wrong;
I long to hold you in my arms
But I know you’ll slip right through
like running my hand through the smog.
So I stand still
breathing in the fumes
staring at your silhouette
hoping you’d make the first move.
As the sand from our hourglass
trickle down slowly
you stand stubborn as a mule
unwilling to take the risk.
Although these words
carry no weight in the passing of time
I hope you’ll find the courage
to make your way to me. 
Or maybe in another lifetime
we can find each other
where the wheat grass grows knee-high
and where time stands still
until you and I find ourselves
across the haze
finally in each other’s arms."