Of Hero's, Thieves, And Love

Written By Ashley T Wilson

Author Bio: I'm Ashley. If Lara Jones and Indiana Jones had a baby, that's who I would be. I'm an Archeology major with a fairytale complex. I love good coffee, the blues, and living in the mountains.


There's something about you
How you just get me
When everyone else wrote me off
Staying for a sentence, a paragraph, or a chapter
But you wanted me in your whole story
I think it begins with Once upon a time
Like most fairytales
Except I'm not a princess
but you treat me like one
You're not a prince
but you are a virtuous man
You're a gentleman in a world full of thieves, cheaters, and liars
But I suppose it wouldn't be a good story without a little conflict
If it weren't for the antagonists, the hero's wouldn't stand out
They wouldn't have anything to fight for
You, my love, are a hero
I look in your eyes
I never thought I could seek safety in someone else
But here you are
You're not a knight in shining armor
But you guard me like your queen
This would have been a forbidden love affair
Like Lancelot
In Camelot
Except I would love you better than Guinevere
I read before that in Greek Mythology
Zeus split humans in two
We were left to find our other halves
I think mine would be you
That's only one explanation of
What a soul mate could be
But I think you even mean that much more to me
Fate and destiny are intertwined
Just like how day always turns to night
You know that when I'm quiet
I'm lost somewhere in my own thoughts
Within the realm of my own mind
You know that's okay and sometimes I just need my time
You know I'm an old soul
Over a thousand years old
And I look for you in each of my lifetimes
You never judge me for my affinity with fairytales
Because you know I believe in happy endings
You know I've only felt religion on top of a mountain or in the wildness of the forest
Where the trees, the moss, and plants are lush and green
Out where the vastness of a clear blue sky seems never ending
You know I see enchantment in the moonlight and in the stones from the Earth
Or how I believe the world is full of magic
You know I've only felt true love with you
You know sometimes I just have to get lost within the pages of a book
You know I'll come back
You know that I'm damaged in ways so many others could never understand
You still see someone who tries
You still see someone who fights against the labels given to her
Who tries to be kind
And full of courage
You like that I'm a free spirit
You never wanted me in a cage
Just by your side
You, who fell in love with a wild woman
Soft spoken yet showed you adventure in her eyes
As rogue as a pirate, yet as regal as a queen
I am your your hopeless romantic with a sarcastic mouth
You're my true love
You're my soul mate
But when I wake up, you're not with me
I miss you
But this is our fairytale
Our book
Our story
We're still on our journey
We haven't reached our happy ending
Not yet
There are undoubtedly more plot twists
More suspense
You still have villains to fight
But don't worry about me
I don't need saving
Just for you to come back to me
We're the authors of our story
And you know what they say about writers
If a writer falls in love with you
You'll live forever
Because this ink and this paper.. 
They're powerful
More powerful than swords
But love
Love is the most powerful magic of all
And ours will last for eternity