Written By Alejandra Molina

Author Bio: I was always a very hyper child with a vivid imagination, and one day I put my imagination on paper and that was it, I fell in love with writing and putting my thoughts and words to paper. I can write anything but my favorite is putting my experiences into beautiful words hoping that people can relate, I feel that it's a raw perspective on the way I think. - Instagram: @alejandra.xoxx


Isn’t it interesting how the word family has a different meaning to everyone, and it brings about all these different memories with people. 

To a kid family is anyone you’re physically related to, siblings, parents, grandparents etc.

But I’ve found that as you grow older the group labeled “family” in your mind begins to expand and family becomes your best friends who’ve had your back through anything, the teachers who’ve inspired the person you are, our pets become family, maybe even your barista who has your order ready every morning when you pick it up. 

To me family became more than just my parents and my brother, it became the rag tag group of individuals I’d spend my Saturdays with, you could say they’re my best friends I’d rather say they’re my family because anything that hurts them is something that hurts me. 

I remember when I’d hear people say “we’re family” and I’d have this gut feeling like I knew exactly how they meant it, we may not be blood but we’ve bonded and we’ve shared something that nobody else will ever get, the laughs and the jokes that’s something that’s between us and it’s made our relationship unique, it’s made it something that I feel proud to be included in. 

Family will fight with you, and they’ll sometimes make your life a living hell but at the end of the day it’s family.
No matter what you do to me or the people I love you’ll always be my father, mother, brother etc. 
Because family is a concept of who you’re born into but that doesn’t mean it can’t expand beyond that.

I think that family is just as much the people whose lives you were born into as the people you meet as you make your own life. 

I don’t think family is something that excludes anyone, because the way I see it we as individuals have the power to create our own.
I believe that family is anyone who has been in your life to support you, anyone who’s determined to stick around until the end.
Family is a word that has space for everyone.