Beyond Repair

Written By Aditi V

Author Bio: Aditi is a med student that likes, in no specific order, to eat, sleep, cook, read, write and laugh. - Facebook: @aditi.vakil17


A moment too long
Devoid that precious lifeline
A single dose a little too strong
Of the perfect drug, the perfect poison-
And cardiac tissue won't regrow, 
While neurons can't be fixed 

Could that be why your love
Hit me as it did? 
All you were was more than enough
To send me on a dizzying high,
To think the perfection that was you
Was wholly and fully and completely mine

Could that be why your sorries
Your tears,
The apologies and the promises
Precious and real and heartfelt as they were
Felt like you'd come through
Just a moment too late? 

Perhaps there's just no winning
Sometimes some battles are already lost
Use your brain
Or trust your heart
Sometimes, some things are just…
Beyond repair.