Love Does Hope

Written By Julienne Ramos

Author Bio: An introvert trying to go out in the wild through words and arts. - Instagram: @willowonders - Twitter: @yienxa25 - Facebook: @yienxa25 - Website:


When we love, we hope that everything will fall into place. No love is afraid to hope, to dream, to look forward. No love fears the future. No love hates excellence. No love likes the mediocre. Every love strives for the best. Every love hopes that everything will fall into place.

Love is what makes us look forward. It takes us to a whole new perspective. Love makes us hope for the better. Love makes us hold on to the future. Love lets us dream even the most impossible dream and take the stand to pursue it. Love gives us hope to see what’s for us even we are uncertain. Because what love does is bring us hope… every day, every hour, every minute and every second of our life.

Love eliminates fear, it only hopes. Because in the end, only Love can withstand our greatest fear… only Love can hold us through difficult times… only Love can bring us unfathomable joy. Simply because LOVE DOES HOPE.