The One.

Written By Ashley Koh

Author Bio: I'm still looking for love, in a place where I shouldn't. - Instagram: @ashykoh_


I want to be the one who gets to put that smile on your face. 
The one who gets to wake up next to you every morning. 
The one who never leaves you without a goodbye kiss. 
The one who might walk away from you, but will come back no matter what. 

I want to be the one who gets to be there for you through all your ups and downs. 
The one who follows you to parties, and holds your hair back when you start puking.
The one who gives you a shoulder to cry on while we’re watching sad Disney movies on the couch. 
The one who hides under the covers when we watch a horror movie, and you laugh at me because there’s nothing to be afraid of. 

I want to be the one who gets to grow old with you. 
The one who fights with you over which school our children should go to.
The one who argues with you over who should be the good cop and the bad cop.
The one who brings all of us out for family nights every Sunday, because we both believe that a family that spends time together, is one that stays together. 

I want to be the one who gets to tell you “I love you” every single day, up until our last day together. 
The one who will sit next to you as you take your last breath. 
The one who will throw a party to celebrate your life, because that’s always been what you wanted. 
The one who will only cry after everyone leaves, because I miss you so much and I cannot wait to be reunited with you.

You are the one who likes to go out,
The one who never lives with any regrets,
The one who doesn’t like to say “I love you”, but you show it in your actions.
The one who I know loves me as much as I do you. 

You are the one who had made me want to be a better person,
The one who has forced me to get my life together. 
You are the one – the ONLY one that I love,
The one who I want to spend the rest of my life with.