For All The Girls Who Don't See Their Worth

Written By Anne Jeneth Lopez

Author Bio: A 23-year-old girl who has the passion to see all the good things in life. Sometimes, she feels like a lost soul wandering at places she’s never been. She is still figuring out what she’s really ought to be. She keeps on chasing her dreams and making them real. She writes her thoughts and captures the beauty of the world. She lives the novel she cannot put into words. She is in love, always. - Twitter: @superaejeyy - Facebook: @annejenethlopez.012294 - Instagram: @superaejeyy


You are born beautiful. As the bible says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” You are crafted by God’s hands. You are loved and you deserve to be.

As time goes by, you’ll grow up. You will meet a lot of people in your life. Some of them will adore you; some of them will hate you. Some of them will keep you happy; some of them will hurt you. Some of them will stay; some of them will leave. And that’s okay. All those pain doesn’t mean that you are not worthy. You are precious and the struggles will make you shine even more.

You believe in love so much and you tend to give it all away. The truth is you should love yourself first. Embracing what you are and what you have will capture all the goodness of this world. You should not compare yourself with others because you are a limited edition. You are you and that makes you totally awesome.

Appreciate your flaws. We live in a world full of eyes seeing what your hair, waistline and bare face looks like. The topmost thing that matters is the inside. You have a big heart, a golden one, which is waiting to be treasured by your perfect match. Your imperfections make you amazing. It unleashes the superwoman in you.

Your life is not about the people who left. This is about the ones who stay. Be grateful of what you have. Always look on the brighter side of things. You are the sunshine of your own haven. You are someone’s favorite person. Your smile means the world. Just start on loving yourself first. By then, everything will fall into their proper places. 

All the pain is a reminder of how strong you can be. All the heartbreaks will lead you to the path going to where you truly belong. Happiness starts within you. You just have to choose it every single day. Learn to deal more of the positives and let the negatives pass. You, alone, can live a life no one can imagine. Focus on chasing your dreams. Let your heart be filled with passion, love and bliss. 

You are not worth the hundred tears you’ve shed. You are worth a million reason of happiness. You don’t deserve those sleepless nights. You deserve to be someone’s daydream. There are a lot of people wanting to catch your dreams for you. There is more to life than crying over stupid guys or ranting about bullies. You are a diamond and you are fragile.

Someday, you will realize that life is always worth a try. Give yourself a chance to see the rays of light ahead. Open your doors for the wondrous future that is coming. You are an epitome of beauty, in all forms.

Remember, you are the star of your own sky. You should not settle for anything less. Love every inch of your existence. Keep yourself smiling. You are everyone’s gift. You are a blessing.