I Scrub Toilets For A Living

Written By Angela Harger

Author Bio: I write, act, paint, adventure, create, and motivate. I love to make people laugh, and cry. (But the good kind of cry...) - Instagram: @messengeroftruth


I scrub toilets for a living. I also deal casino games, walk dogs, bartend, and dress up as a princess for children’s parties. I don’t have a stable schedule, I have no benefits or health insurance, and I’m not always sure how I’ll pay my rent. But I do have total flexibility to pursue my passion—acting.

I came out to LA two years ago to pursue my dreams. I left a great job in marketing with a wonderful brand. But my heart was never content to pursue the ordinary. It never mattered to me how much money I made, or that all my friends were married and having babies, or that some people were investing in things like mortgages and retirement and I was investing in new headshots and acting classes. I have always known what makes me come alive and what was worth pursuing. I never thought twice about any sacrifice I made for my career. 

When I think about the fact that I dream of being on the cover of People and yet my current status is scrubbing toilets, I smile. It will be a better story for my Ellen interview, I tell myself. The distance between where I am and where I dream to be is vast, but I am not discouraged. I know someone else who served wine like I serve drinks as a bartender. Someone who washed the feet of His disciples, like I wash floors as a janitor. Jesus served everyone around Him at rad parties, and that’s my current calling in LA. I get to go to the most fun events and bless others, and be like Jesus while I serve. This season of humility and preparation has taught me 6 important things:

1)    Find what makes your heart come alive, and pursue it. If you are content where you are, great! But if there is any unfulfilled dream in your heart, then jump off the cliff. You don’t want to be an 80 year old and wonder “what if?”

2)    Make sacrifices that may hurt you now, but are an investment in your future. Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s the luxury of stability, maybe it’s a dating relationship. If it is hindering you from pursuing your dream, then leave it behind. If you don’t, you will only resent it over time.

3)    Be prepared for your life to look differently than everyone else around you. In my case, my friends are all married with children. That was the norm, but I never was one for normal. I don’t regret a second I have spent on my dreams, because I followed the path that was mine to follow. If you are judged when things don’t look normal, don’t let that bother you.

4)    Don’t let any obstacle make you give up on your dream. The path of following your dreams will not be easy, and there will be a few wrenches in your plans. You might even get entirely derailed along the way. But guess what? You are stronger than you ever dreamed, and you can push through more than you ever imagined. Don’t give up.

5)    Stay humble. If Jesus can wash feet, you can cater, waiter, uber, nanny, bartend, barista, house sit, dog walk, scrub toilets. You are not above the opportunities given to you and your heart and character is shaped powerfully in those unseen spaces. Nothing is wasted in this season.

6)    It will pay off. As you pursue your dream, you will find your truest self along the way. You will find your deepest happiness, and your dreams will come true. Just put in the time and patience and see what will manifest!

I believe in you and in the dreams inside your heart!