To The Person Who Has Been Too Strong…

Written By Abhipsa Mondal

Author Bio: An optimistic soul..Love to romance with words.. & believer of happy endings because if it's not happy it can not be the ending..!! Facebook: @abhipsa.mondal


Starting from friends to cousins to family members, everyone looks up-to you for your support and words of encouragement..

Be it any problem, you always have a solution..
Be it a bad day, you always try to turn it into good one..
Be it the negatives of life, you always try to turn them into positives..

After all, you are that strong person in the eyes of the world who can never break down.
You are supposed to be there for others whenever they need you. You love to be there for people especially in their bad times..

Why do they depend on you so much??

The answer is YOU. Because that has always been the situation with you..
Your positive words, optimism about life, encouragement to go about achieving things in life have always won hearts and people turn to you for your advice or even if they just feel the blues...
Don't deny the fact that you totally hate it..
In-fact you take pride in that. This makes you feel better..!!
Because in a world full of people who discourages others you are the one who encourages people, that in itself is a strength.

But, it is more often than not that when you are upset you just do not find a shoulder to cry upon or even a listener.
It is difficult for the people to even believe that you can be broken too or just feel low..
Why is that so difficult for the people to take you as a normal person like they are..?Why is it so difficult for them to at-least for a moment detach the word "STRONG" from you, that is tagged to you..???


Because.. Just because you are strong, you are supposed to be the benchmark for emotional strength..

But People tend to forget that.....
Being strong does not mean you do not need affection and care from people..
Being strong does not mean you can live your life all by yourself..
Being strong does not mean you do not cry..
Being strong does not mean you do not get hurt..

But being strong definitely means whenever you are upset and you do not find anyone around you for support or people to encourage you..
You wipe off your own tears and start the day again and with a bang..
That is enough to make you a strong person, indeed...!!!

So, it is to the person who has been too strong for long, be stronger because the world needs
more people like you....