Love In Three Parts

Written By Ali Rae

Author Bio: I'm a poet, librarian, reader, amateur true crime sleuth, animal lover, who strongly believes that poetry has the ability to change lives, in both large and small ways. - Social Media: Instagram: @aliraebanz YouTube: AliRaeBanz Twitter: @aliraebanz


1. Love: Defined

A word thrown around
Like hot potatoes in a schoolyard
Or the way you threw around your body when you were sixteen.

1 syllable. 
2 vowels.
Split in half
One little word.

You heard your mother say it all the time;
Or maybe not.

You heard it come out of the
Mouths of men who thought
Your bodies owed them.
You heard it out of the mouth
Of your friends, the same
Friends who made you cry
After hearing them say, “I fucking
Hate that bitch” in reference to you.

Love feels like the cuddle from
A cats soft fur.
Love feels like ice chipping
Between dying teeth.

It means so much. 
Some may say it’s
But when we teach girls
About heteronormative, Cinderella
Fairy tale love, do we
Teach them to love

We aren’t born hating ourselves.
We are born with fire in our bellies.
We are selfish,
With love for ourselves.
It isn’t until we get older
When we realize that its
Easier to hate who we are
Than it is to try and
Rationalize why we love
Ourselves while receiving
Love from no one else.

Love isn’t always felt,
But the absence of it is.

The stabbing in the chest.
The breathlessness.
But that’s only if you’ve
Had love ripped away.

It’s never better to have loved and lost.
We all know
Love just lingers on
And on
And on.

2. Love: A Memory

Whispered words
Weak knees
Whisk me off my feet. Take me
Way away from home.

Want me.
Wish for me.
Wiggle your way into your life.

And stay.

3. Love: An Ending

When fall comes
And leaves fall
It reminds me of our love.


Thinking back
To when our love was falling apart

But feeling hopeful
That once the leaves fell
And the cold wash of sadness
Melted off my heart like
Snow when spring comes,
That I would feel the warm pull
Back to happiness.
Back to a life
Of full bloom.