The Leaf Who’s Afraid To Fall

Written By Floralyn Joy Teodoro

Author Bio: She's a writer of all sorts -- braving and discovering life with a pen and paper in hand, one story at a time. - Blog: - Instagram: @shesokayshesallwrite


It’s finally fall season once again,
where leaves are slowly changing colors
— turning from greens to browns and yellows.
But unlike most, one stays the same.

In the many autumns that passed,
that one leaf stayed connected to its branch
— trying her best not to detach and free fall.
Her fears and insecurities tie her up.

In the many autumns that passed,
that one leaf kept holding on for her dear life
— no trace of surrender, only of survival.
But, she knows, this wouldn’t last.

In the future, in another autumn,
the leaf will finally allow herself to fall freely
— unafraid, ready to brace the uncertain.
She’ll no longer be afraid of falling.

With the arrival of that one autumn she can’t defy,
she’ll no longer be the leaf who’s afraid to fall.