The Kind Of Thing She Wouldn’t Tell Anyone

Written By Julienne Ramos

Author Bio: An introvert trying to go out in the wild through words and arts. - Instagram: @willowonders - Twitter: @yienxa25 - Facebook: @yienxa25 - Website:


She said she will never write a poem or a story about this, about this love everyone is talking about. For her, this kind of love is fleeting. But the truth is, she is afraid. She has built a persona of strength in singleness that people thought she care less about this kind of things. She’s afraid to look vulnerable, to look like a child in wonder in front of this love, to look like a foolish trying to figure out everything she thought she knew.

She knew nothing, I am sure of that. She knew nothing about butterflies in the stomach. She knew nothing about being head over heels for someone. She knew nothing about this kind of love aside from falling in love with a fictional character. Anything real will be viewed as unreal, fake and fleeting. She’s a doubter, in case you haven’t noticed.

But now, it has arrived, the love she thought would no longer pass her. It has arrived in the most unexpected time of her life, when she made pact to herself that she will no longer be fussed about this kind of love. It has arrived in the most vulnerable part of her life when everything she believed in was crumbling right in front of her. That’s why she didn’t believe it at first. This kind of thing she wouldn’t mind to get away because all good things shall end, according to all the observation she has made. She thought this is a kind of joke life throws at her. 

Who would have thought she would fall hard for someone? She has never been close to love, so close that her eyes keep closing in case this isn’t real. She keeps poking and pinching love at its face and arms in case that love isn’t real. She has never imagined that in the most unexpected moment, love arrived. It arrived. She needs to say it again and again… it has arrived… love has arrived.... He arrived.