Written By Arushi Ralli

Author Bio: Hi, I’m Arushi. I’m a school counsellor with a goal to empower my children and help them get closer to themselves. In future, I have an aim to become a Forensic Psychologist and eradicate rapes from India. Cathartic writing is the one thing that's making me more empathetic as a person and I believe in hugging people consciously!! - Facebook: @arushi.ralli


Through time, I understood the difference between “change” and “experiencing transition”.

Transition, be it shifting careers, completing graduation/post-graduation, taking up a new job can make us feel lost, while not knowing what to do and where to go. This can lead us to apply for a zillion jobs and start working because conformity lies within, or apply, get the offer but end up leaving it. 

Feeling transition in our whole being can be defined in this way:
Suppose you’re working every day, continuously without acknowledging of what you really would love to do and be satisfied about, it might create a feeling of monotony leading one to not focus on ‘breathing’. 

Our body might be sending us these subtle yet direct signals, it could be our heart pounding faster, anxiety crippling in through our hands moving without any resistance in between, constant pain in our lower back, maybe, the feeling of numbness, or a sudden impulse to just run away. Remember, our body is talking to us; it knows where this sudden impulse or numbness is coming from. 

There must be times when we can feel that there is no other option, but understand, the one who is setting these limits and boundaries, deciding for ourselves, is the inhibited ‘you, me and us’. Understanding our inhibitions and limits is a gradual process but listening to it is the first. Listening to our own body and feelings, emotions and reactions, impulses or calmness, starts from where we are.

While listening and understanding, a point might come where we might wish to stand up and take concrete actions, then feel that moment and stand up, for this acknowledgement could be our ‘rebirth’. 

Choosing our career involves not just money but the very thought of creating value in society. This might give us the ‘satisfaction’ and sense of warmness inside our being. Letting it flow within us. Letting us remind ourselves of the time when we, as children loved puddling around, painting here and there, planting those trees outside because the limits were not really seen as boundaries but openness and feeling of appreciation for everything and anything. 

These consistent and not half-hearted efforts, the ones where we are all in, each and every part of our ‘self’ in there, could be the hallway of our feeling ‘love’. Oh yes, I said it, for ‘love’ is where the limits are boundless and free of every restriction set by you, me and us. Limits can make us feel like ‘slaves’ causing anger and agitation, and peace and joy can never be seen. Hence, keeping these limits and listening to the ‘inner child’:

I wanted to learn jazz!
I went ahead!!
I love writing!
Yes! I'm doing it!
I'd wanted to travel and take a break since a very long time.
Oh dear, let’s take a break right away and start again!

Let us start with whatever fills our heart with joy and start with however we feel, for peace lies within, deep inside us, all we’ve to do is take that one step towards it. All of us have a unique mission that only we can fulfill. In this path of finding and fulfilling one’s mission, mistakes are bound to happen, this feeling of just running away because it’s too much to take on could also happen, but the single-mindedness to go climb the mountain right ahead will give us a direction to stand up. 

Let us allow ourselves to take that one leap of faith. ‘Change’ depends on situation to situation while “experiencing a transition” is a full expression of self-development and self-awareness of the changes one goes through in life. It is an act of self-revelation; an opportunity; a conscious experience from hope to faith. 

This journey of right ‘now’ and right ‘then’ could be the river of transition of what is “alive” in us.