I Moved To Hollywood With 1 Suitcase, A Friend, And A Dream

Written By Antonette Hudak

Author Bio: Antonette is a LA based writer and actress. Raising money to create a feature film "Layla" gofundme.com/wucws-layla - Instagram: @toniwh0daka - Facebook: @antonette.leonie - Tumblr: n0resistance.tumblr.com


10 months ago I was living in Chinatown, New York. I left around New Years. I was in love. I lived with my best friends and dog. I worked a block away from work, had money in the bank, and was making a movie on the weekends. I was happy. However, I had a calling to move to Los Angeles. If you have a calling and ignore it. It will haunt you. I feel it can harm you. The spirit never sleeps. So, I followed my gut. 

I had nothing here. Just a dream. There was a push from my friend Anika. She’s highly motivated. Life was so much easier having a partner in crime. The struggle was getting an apartment and jobs. Then our careers in entertainment. We didn’t have cars. The first thing I got was a bike. I experienced different places. I got my first job washing dishes for $15 an hr on Hollywood and Highland. 

I got paid $45 to do an 8 week run of a Vampire play in Hollywood. I left that job washing dishes and found 3 other part-time jobs and was doing them simultaneously. Bar-backing which girls normally don’t do at a 300 seat restaurant in West Hollywood. Super physical. I was working part-time in reservations at a hotel and at a Bohemian Italian cuisine restaurant which is awesome because it’s self-service and the work is minimal. 

I met a friend who wrote a play and got to do Hollywood Fringe Festival. What was funny was I was an actor playing an actor in a play that was based on a reality show. Where the reality show is based on an actor who gets a part in the play. The play was called “Monsters”, I played Grace. When I did a solo performance on stage I see a demon and runoff. Find out later the producer is fucking with me.

I’ve gotten 3 bikes stolen. Live in a 1950’s building that was the set of the film “Sunset Boulevard”. My Lyft driver told me about “Sunset Boulevard” the movie. Found out later when I visited Oregon that it’s also a Broadway play too. I made a friend who invited me to her wedding. Had a stalker. Had romance. Had a breakup from home that hurt like no other. The pain of unfinished projects and unfinished business. False expectations. 

I wrote two screenplays. Independent films. One set in Barcelona. I went to Barcelona. On standby. My roommates lost her luggage. We stayed with an Airbnb host who had 2 cats. He said the lounge was private. However, it was the same apartment. There is a fear of being killed by your Airbnb host in a foreign country that lingers. My roommate’s film equipment was stolen from a coffee shop. Was able to see the most beautiful scenic view in Europe and began planning to create a movie. Did whatever shots I could on iphone. Working on a small production team three days a week for 4 months on a web-series. Finished the web-series. It’s called AskAnika, which is out on youtube.

Meeting a boy who’s a tourist that gives you the most romantic date. However, he’s only here for 24 hours. I’ve experienced and witnessed LA. I know how to navigate Hollywood and West Hollywood by bicycle. I still don’t have an agent. Never been on TV. However, I’m working. It’s been 10 months. This has been life. The life of the Bohemian in LA. Is more creative, less stressful, more space, and better weather than being a New York City bohemian. I left for the unknown and there’s still more unknown to come.