Written By Aditi V

Author Bio: Aditi is a med student that likes, in no specific order, to eat, sleep, cook, read, write and laugh. - Facebook: @aditi.vakil17


Congratulations, I suppose
You always wanted to leave a mark on the world-
And mine, for one, will never be the same 

Like the unsleeping beaver building his dam
Nudging, pushing…even biting sometimes
You built your bridge to my heart 

The wounds you inflicted
As you carved out your new home-
You promised would heal perfectly.
All the cuts and leaks, you said
You'd seal from the inside out-
And happy I was to bleed.
It was, after all, your new permanent home.

I'd been wrong.

I didn't read the fine print closely enough:
What I thought was a home I owned
Was but a short-term lease in your heart

You were fair, at least, I suppose
In vacating your home
After throwing me out of mine.

I hoped, even then, seeing the world without
You'd decide to return
So in all my naïve wrongness
I fought to keep the light on.
So the void you created as your ripped apart the seams
Sits exactly as you left it-


Nobody else has found home there since
It's been too cramped, they tell me
Too broken. Too leaky. Too you.

I guess…that makes sense.
While I know exactly what it is you took
Only you could return it to where it belongs

But that will never happen, I know it now
Sometimes you lose no matter what-
Sometimes, the only way you keep from scarring
Is by letting the wounds keep on bleeding
Congratulations it is
You'll leave your mark, alright

Because bleed for you I no longer will.